Monday, December 7, 2009

Going Somewhere?

I saw this expression somewhere and i quote "Those who think they know everything are annoying to those of us who do. It's funny, but if you place the period after the word "annoying," it's also true. But know-it-all managers aren't just annoying. They're also bad managers, bad for the organization, and bad for business." Since I don't know everything, i am prepared to read as much as i can, research on it and learn form those who do. I believe that will help me become a better manager and therefore a dependable business person.

I sent out a thank you note to all my customers today and i did that telling myself that i must not look like where i am, but rather like where i am going to. My business is still young, somehow shaky but i know all too well that that is the same way athletes like Usain Bolt started- crawling, sttagering, standing , walking, running and then running well.
ATB&B may be young but it is not going to be like that for long.

I am also starting aa book review/online book club in 2010 - so watch this space all lovers of books and you will be glad you did.