Monday, June 10, 2013

Much Ado About Flat Tummy

I was reading comments on a post on  my favourite women's Facebook group, BR (Babes redefined) early this week on why women don't have or work towards a flatter tummy after childbirth. The discussion was captivating, grossing over xxx comments. I contributed a simple "hmmm", but I thought deeper about it and asked myself why I don't care about a flatter tummy or didn't work towards one before.

Before I gained weight in 2001, I was d bonga-fish of the family. In my days at Ibapoly I was very thin. What we celebrate as Lepa today. Small breast, small bum, flat tummy, thin neck, thin legs n arms. And bottom line was I hated me.

I started eating to add weight and in 2000/2001 it paid off. I filled out in the right places and became curvy. I liked me! Our society appraise curviness and even our fashion supports it. Iro and buba, blouse and wrappers looks better on orobos than on stick-thin women. Our men (most of them) likes some flesh on their women.

Now I agree with most of the comments on this topic. Yes African women don't really care or work on belly-fat which is a multi-million dollar business abroad. Yes, 80% of us or more "jiggles with it" and proudly too in our tight fitting Lycra tops as if it is normal (or is it?) but I asked myself how I haven't achieved more in terms of having an ideal tummy size bandied about. I realised that years of fertility treatment, being a mom to a pre term baby and having to care for him in d hospital where hot water and tummy-tying was not encouraged for over a month after birth are valid reasons or excuses for my tummy "trouble".

Have I tried to get it down? Oh! I got body magic and I almost died! Lol. I've removed it inside BRT before, yes inside the big red commuter bus popular in Lagos when my life was ebbing away cos of the restrictions. I wear shape-wears now, a more comfortable alternative to body magic or girdle but I've also removed it at work sometimes to "free myself". For permanent solutions I have tried Low-cost diets, No-carb diets, water therapy.

But in all I just feel you can't get 100/100. So u win some and lose some. I won't do a tummy-tuck, take slimming drugs or any extreme exercise to get a flat tummy. My tummy does not define me, I give definition to my self and what I am.

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