Monday, June 10, 2013

Much Ado About Flat Tummy

I was reading comments on a post on  my favourite women's Facebook group, BR (Babes redefined) early this week on why women don't have or work towards a flatter tummy after childbirth. The discussion was captivating, grossing over xxx comments. I contributed a simple "hmmm", but I thought deeper about it and asked myself why I don't care about a flatter tummy or didn't work towards one before.

Before I gained weight in 2001, I was d bonga-fish of the family. In my days at Ibapoly I was very thin. What we celebrate as Lepa today. Small breast, small bum, flat tummy, thin neck, thin legs n arms. And bottom line was I hated me.

I started eating to add weight and in 2000/2001 it paid off. I filled out in the right places and became curvy. I liked me! Our society appraise curviness and even our fashion supports it. Iro and buba, blouse and wrappers looks better on orobos than on stick-thin women. Our men (most of them) likes some flesh on their women.

Now I agree with most of the comments on this topic. Yes African women don't really care or work on belly-fat which is a multi-million dollar business abroad. Yes, 80% of us or more "jiggles with it" and proudly too in our tight fitting Lycra tops as if it is normal (or is it?) but I asked myself how I haven't achieved more in terms of having an ideal tummy size bandied about. I realised that years of fertility treatment, being a mom to a pre term baby and having to care for him in d hospital where hot water and tummy-tying was not encouraged for over a month after birth are valid reasons or excuses for my tummy "trouble".

Have I tried to get it down? Oh! I got body magic and I almost died! Lol. I've removed it inside BRT before, yes inside the big red commuter bus popular in Lagos when my life was ebbing away cos of the restrictions. I wear shape-wears now, a more comfortable alternative to body magic or girdle but I've also removed it at work sometimes to "free myself". For permanent solutions I have tried Low-cost diets, No-carb diets, water therapy.

But in all I just feel you can't get 100/100. So u win some and lose some. I won't do a tummy-tuck, take slimming drugs or any extreme exercise to get a flat tummy. My tummy does not define me, I give definition to my self and what I am.

Comments are welcome!


  1. Rofl...@ removing it when life was ebbing away...
    i love the way you write! and yes, your tummy doesnt define who you are.
    Im working on my tummy too, but seeing it at times reminds me of my beautiful kids. a beautiful remembrance too!
    BTW, tummy girdle works, just get about 2 sizes bigger, and wear it at night. you will be amazed at how it works n slimming down that tummy. it worked for me.
    Loving this blog!

  2. Preach it, sis! Why kill oneself via excessive compression of vital internal organs because people are uncomfortable when they see a less than perfect waist-line? They can't put a baby inside there no matter how hard they wish to! Kudos on a 'for real' post!