Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Thoughts

1. It is already May and that means in a few weeks the year we all waited with anxiety to start would have gone half-way. How have you fared or ho are you faring?

2. I read in one of the blogs i subscribe to that failure is ambition refused for a better plan. Only if we can truly understand the words of this sentence and make them true in all our endeavours.

3.  I know some people who have decided to shut out pains and pretend as if those emotions don't exist. To such people your sufferings can simply not be felt and therefore they cannot sympathise with you. But does that eliminate the fact that there is pain? of course not.

4.  This year is moving on gradually and by now I'm sure most people have forgotten what it was they intended to do in the year and have join in in the motions, accepting the status quo and drifting. I live in a country and state where it is so easy to drift, but we must do all we can to move against the tide and dream on...

5. Take time out - maybe a week or 3 days and decide to live positively- not  dobting your   own ability to succeed and not habouring any negative thought in your heart. Try it and see if it works for you. I am doing the same too.

We will surely sing a new song!