Saturday, May 26, 2012

A short note to my beautiful kicker!!!

In a few weeks I'll meet you, hold you and look into your eyes for the first time. Although we've not met your presence is evidence in every kick, hiccups and movement in my tummy.

I wasn't expecting you; cos I was still revelling in knowing and caring for your brother, our brave ever-smiling miracle baby. But God had plans for you and you came. We didn't even know until almost 12weeks after.

I ask myself how do I share my love equally between you and still remain impartial and make you feel the love. While OT was sought for, you are a gift, a favour God bestowed on us. I'm preparing to meet you and I love you so much already.

Now that I have you, I am more optimistic and unrepentantly so that there is no impossibility with our God and therefore I can boldly say that every woman and man deserves children and there are many ways to achive this success. The only obstacle is fear and giving up too early in the day.

If anyone reads this note, and wants to know the ways, dont hesistate to ask me.


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