Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First of all...

Welcome to Favourite Things, the page where i beam the light on the things i love - God, Family, Books and Makeup! I am sure there is more but i am presently kinda obsessed by these and i will share my thoughts on published and unpublished books, I will share my discoveries about the One who gives me life and purpose, I will talk bout my sweethearts and our love - all the details if i can, and lastly i will gloss and powder the pages with my makeup bliss and blunders - as adistributor and a user!

Thanks for visiting my page and keep coming back for a piece of me...


  1. Welcome into the blogosphere! Have a great time as you add more value to more people.

    I love God, books and Internet too

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jesusfreak - seems we like the same things- and have mutual friends like Funmi Fasunloye, Deolu Akinyemi, Gbenga Sesan. Have a great day!