Friday, January 22, 2010

Mama na boy 2!

It is rejoicing all the way as God heard my familys' heart cry and blessed my Sister with a bbb! Now Shalewa and Shewa has a litttle brother making a very balance equation and me, another nephew! My sweet brother-in-law is not unequally yoked and out-numbered anymore! I am really excited that it's a boy! And shout out to Kemi & Ibrahim Folarin whose son is als a birthday mate of my nephew. Now that baby is alos a testimony to God's pride in hearing us and making all things beautiful in his time.

Note : bbb - bouncing baby boy

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  1. I rejoice with U my dear sister & I pray dat greater & mighty things The Lord will do for U dis year in Jesus name. Just keep trusting Him; don't waiver. He is our help in time of need; He is faithful.